Penny's Path is now available!

We are very happy to announce that Strategic Thinking's first publicly available game, Penny's Path, is now available on! We hope that you will try this game about women and witchcraft, and find its story genuinely unique and intellectually stimulating. And we hope you do let us know what you think about the game in a review or by contacting us at

We dedicate this game to one of the greatest Restoration playwrights (and the first woman in England known to earn a living as a writer), Aphra Behn. Behn was an extraordinarily original and independent woman who helped return the magical experience of drama to the masses after its suppression by the Puritans. In this she was prefigured by the wonderful Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim (a.k.a. Roswitha), the woman responsible for bringing back Western theater after more than 400 years of violent persecution by the Catholic Church. Our game and all video games are the result of these women's brilliant resurrection of dramatic media!

Aphra Behn passed away April 16th, 1689 (cf. Penny's Path). As we release this game and the spirits it calls, we happily intone this poem by Behn:

"The Dream"

All trembling in my arms Aminta lay,
Defending of the bliss I strove to take;
Raising my rapture by her kind delay,
Her force so charming was and weak.
The soft resistance did betray the grant,
While I pressed on the heaven of my desires;
Her rising breasts with nimbler motions pant;
Her dying eyes assume new fires.
Now to the height of languishment she grows,
And still her looks new charms put on;
Now the last mystery of Love she knows,
We sigh, and kiss: I waked, and all was done.

‘Twas but a dream, yet by my heart I knew,
Which still was panting, part of it was true:
Oh how I strove the rest to have believed;
Ashamed and angry to be undeceived!

And with that, we bring you our game, Penny's Path! May it bring you joy and wisdom.

Erce, Erce, Erce, eorþan modor!

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